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What should be noted when customizing heavy-duty shelves?


When choosing high-altitude heavy-duty shelves, it is important to pay attention to the design of the shelves, and the most important aspect to pay attention to is the stability of the shelves. For storage shelves, the higher the height of the shelf design, the poorer the stability of the shelf. Therefore, how to improve the stability of high position heavy-duty shelves is a very important factor. In addition, designing heavy-duty shelves also requires attention to several other conditions.

The size information of the shelves can be designed based on the warehouse

The design of the size of high level heavy-duty shelves needs to refer to the situation of the warehouse site, such as the height of the warehouse, the ground environment, and the weight, size, and size of the stored goods. These information will be used as a reference when designing shelves. Normally, these types of heavy-duty shelves use pallets to store goods, which means the size of the pallet is also important. By determining the size of the pallet, the width of the column and the length of the crossbeam can be determined.

The number of shelves determines the height of the shelves, and usually the height of high and heavy shelves is relatively high. The purpose of this is to adapt to those large enterprise warehouses. Ensure the maximum utilization of warehouse space and increase warehouse storage capacity.

Shelf safety is very important, as it not only affects the integrity of goods in the warehouse, but more importantly, it also affects the personal safety of warehouse employees. So when installing shelves, relevant accessories can be installed on the shelves to improve the overall stability of the shelves.

The characteristic of high mounted heavy-duty shelves is their high height, which is mainly used to cope with some warehouses. Ordinary shelves cannot make good use of the space above them due to their high height, leading to the birth of high mounted shelves. When using high mounted heavy-duty shelves, special attention should be paid to the quality and safety of the shelves to avoid problems that may arise during later use.

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