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How much can the efficiency of automated company warehouse shelves be improved?

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Customized storage shelves can not only increase the storage capacity of goods, but also improve the efficiency of storage and retrieval. There are many types of warehouse shelves, including non automated and automated ones, with varying work efficiency. How much can the efficiency of warehouse shelves in automation companies be improved?

The operational efficiency of non intelligent warehouse shelves depends on the way goods are stored and retrieved. The efficiency of warehouse shelves for manual storage and retrieval is relatively low, mainly depending on how high the efficiency of manual labor is. The efficiency of forklift loading and unloading goods will be higher than manual labor, but it also depends on the forklift operator and the situation of the forklift. The operational efficiency of automated company warehouse shelves is several times higher than the previous two storage and retrieval methods, depending on the efficiency of customization.

It can be seen that the operational efficiency of warehouse shelves in automation companies is different. If there is a high demand for efficiency, automated warehouse shelves can be chosen, which is more than 5 times more efficient than non automated warehouse shelves. Not only can it automatically store and retrieve goods, but it can also achieve automatic picking, warehousing, and other functions, making fully automated operations more efficient.


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