Steel Platform

Provide different specifications of crossbeam shelves for users to choose from based on their actual usage requirements, pallet size, actual warehouse space, and forklift lifting height.Features of crossbeam shelves1. The crossbeam type shelf structure is simple, safe and reliable, and can be adjust

Simple and stable structure, safe and reliable

Entry and exit are not limited by sequence

Widely used and highly practical

Product Introduction

Steel Platform In today’s society, land is becoming more and more precious and scarce, so how companies can flexibly use indoor space in the relatively limited land area has become the primary problem. The steel structure platform is widely used in industrial warehouses because of its light weight, good loading-capacity, convenient design and high space utilization. The steel structure platform is not only constructed in various forms, but also has a variety of applications. It can also design plans based on different on-site conditions. One of the most critical types of storage racking applications. The steel platform has a variety of structure forms and functions. The most important feature of the steel platform is the fully assembled structure, which is flexible in design and more widely used in storage nowadays. Engineering structures made of steel, usually made of steel sections and steel plates, such as beams, upright, plates and other components, between the parts with welding seams, screw or rivets and other connections, structure stability, safe and reliable.


Advantages of Steel Platform

➢  Steel is characterised by its own high strength, light weight and stiffness, making it particularly suitable for the construction of large spans and super-high and super-heavy buildings

➢  The material homogeneity and isotropy of steel structures is good, and it is an ideal elastomer, which is most in line with the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics, and is one of the few ideal building materials available today.

➢  Its material plasticity and toughness are good and can have large deformation, so it can well withstand the dynamic load. Many large buildings are made of steel. The world’s first gate, located in Suzhou, is made of steel.

➢  The construction period is short. For a 300 square metre building, only five people and thirty working days are needed to do the work from construction to decoration in just one month. This is a cost-saving, time-saving and labour-saving measure!

➢  The degree of industrialization of steel structure buildings is high, and the degree of mechanization is high, which can carry out specialized production, improve work efficiency, and reduce construction difficulty. It is very consistent with the current high-speed energy-saving society.

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