Narrow Aisle Storage Racking System

Provide different specifications of crossbeam shelves for users to choose from based on their actual usage requirements, pallet size, actual warehouse space, and forklift lifting height.Features of crossbeam shelves1. The crossbeam type shelf structure is simple, safe and reliable, and can be adjust

Simple and stable structure, safe and reliable

Entry and exit are not limited by sequence

Widely used and highly practical

Product Introduction

Fast storage efficiency and very high storage density bring significant production efficiency and cost effectiveness to users.

So, what kind of logistics center can choose VNA shelves (narrow aisle shelves)?

1. The quantity of goods stored is large, with frequent entry and exit of goods and high sorting requirements for goods;

2. The storage and logistics center urgently needs to increase the number of storage spaces or require a certain amount of storage;

3. Logistics efficiency requires a high level;

4. Forklifts can be used as independent storage forklifts, and it is not planned to use storage forklifts to drive outdoors for other tasks.


Very Narrow Aisle Racking are a type of storage shelves, with relatively narrow forklift handling channels, hence the name narrow aisle or narrow aisle shelves, abbreviated as VNA racking.

Introduction to features:

1. The bottom ground of the narrow aisle shelf is equipped with a "three way stacking forklift" action guide rail, which is used in conjunction with the three way forklift;

2. 100% optional;

3. Fast storage efficiency, very high storage density;

4. Save land area and improve storage efficiency.


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