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Traditional Chinese solar terms: Today, Xiaoman!

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Xiaoman, the eighth solar term among the twenty-four solar terms, is also the second solar term in summer.During the Little Full Solar Term, the rainstorm in the south began to increase with frequent precipitation; As the saying goes, "Little is full, little is full, and the rivers are gradually filling up. The term 'full' in 'small full' refers to the abundance of rainwater. Secondly, it is related to agricultural wheat. During the Xiaoman solar term in the northern region, there is less or even no rainfall, and this' full 'does not refer to precipitation, but rather to the fullness of wheat.

Those who are small and full are full without loss, full without profit, and full without overflow. During the season of small fullness, wheat grains in northern regions are just full but not yet fully full, and when they are completely full, they are too full. At this time, the fullness of wheat grains is just right, and the wheat is full but not full, and full but not overflowing.

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