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Jiangsu Deen Product Knowledge Base: Intelligent Shelves for Four Way Shuttle Cars

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Intelligent access systems must be a hot topic in the logistics and warehousing industry, so what hardware knowledge is there for this intelligent warehousing equipment? Today, the editor of Jiangsu Deen will introduce the "secret" of intelligent shelves for four-way shuttle cars.

The four-way shuttle shelf is mainly composed of column pieces, supporting beams, sub tracks, parent tracks, pull rods, end supports, reversing tracks, etc.

The four way shuttle rack can be extended to multiple layers of shuttle cars, using multi-layer technology to expand to meet customer requirements and achieve high dynamic cargo to person picking function; Each aisle of the four-way shuttle truck can flexibly configure the number of storage layers, which can store a large number of different types of items; By equipping the shuttle with separate lifts and conveyors, sorting can be done without the need for additional buffer warehouses.

The four-way shuttle can transport goods to any location on the shelves, achieving comprehensive three-dimensional storage, sorting, and sorting. The four-way shuttle is essentially an intelligent transportation device, developed from the bidirectional shuttle, and is a warehousing equipment that integrates four-way travel, automatic transportation, and intelligent monitoring functions. When moving pallet goods vertically and horizontally on the shelf track and encountering obstacles or reaching the end of the shelf, it will automatically stop and respond accordingly, selecting the best walking route. The four-way shuttle truck rack has a high degree of safety and stability. Compared to traditional two-way shuttle truck racks, if the lifting equipment malfunctions, it will affect the normal operation of the entire rack channel. However, the four-way shuttle rack can continue to operate through elevators and connecting equipment, without affecting the normal operation of the entire system.

So far, in addition to automated warehouses, four-way shuttle shelves are the ideal choice for many large and medium-sized enterprises.

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